Kayla Harris

Current Address

400 NW 66th Terrace Apt. 208

Kansas City, MO 64118

(636) 751-0802

Education Bachelor of Science in Technology

University of Central Missouri (UCM), Warrensburg, MO

Major: Photography

Emphasis: Technical

Minor: Graphics

Relevant Coursework

Color Transparency/Media

Business Management for Photographers

Intro to Studio
Wedding and Location
Zone System of Photography
Color Imaging
Electronic Imaging
Fundamental of the Printing Processes
Portrait Photography
Digital Portfolio

Computer Skills

Proficient in Windows Vista and XP

Proficient in Mac Operating Systems

Proficient in Adobe Photoshop CS3

Proficient in Adobe Illustrator CS3

Proficient in Adobe Lightroom

Highly Skilled in Dreamweaver

Proficient in QuarkXpress

Highly Skilled in InDesign CS3

Management Skills

Managed shifts of up to 6 crew members

Trained and supervised 10 new employees

Responsible for logging purchases in a computerized inventory control system

Customer Service Skills

Responsible for recording and forwarding customer comments to proper management

Served the public in retail related industries for the last 7 years

Honors Spring 2007 UCM Expo – 1st place photo in Architecture

Andy Hubbard Memorial Scholarship


Pinnacle Therapy Services, Kansas City, MO

Medical Records Custodian/Receptionist (January 2009 – Present)

Johnson County Board of Services, Warrensburg, MO

Direct Care Assistant/Lead Staff (June 2008 – January 2009

Quizno’s, Warrensburg, MO

Crew Member (November 2006-June 2008)


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