Its been awhile…

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I haven’t really gotten around to updating things on here in awhile.  I have been super busy with work and school.  I have two more classes to take this summer to finish up with my minor, and two classes this coming fall to finish up with my major.  I can’t wait!  I’m super excited to get done with school and start with a real big girl job lol!  I have really strong aspirations of working for Hallmark or a company that does like car body wraps, billboards, etc.  I still have a lot of research to do, but I am really looking forward to it.  I promise that I will post some more stuff soon!

peace & love


today’s thoughts.

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Building a website has probably been the hardest thing that I have done in school so far.  Not only is it difficult to learn how to set up your site, but there are ONE MILLION ways to do it.  Once you start building your site the person helping you leaves, not a single other person knows how and what you are doing, and you have to completely start over, starting to build your page the way that this new person knows how to build a site.  (slightly longwinded) lol.  ANYWHO….I have finally got my website up and running and I have just updated my bio page.  Thank you so much Jerry for showing me a VERY quick and easy way at uploading pages.  It took me a total of LESS than thirty seconds to get my page published to my site.  It may seem simple to many, but seeing my work on a working site really gets me excited. 

more thoughts……Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year!  Even though I don’t make a lot of money, I LOVE getting gifts for my family.  Even if its something small I know that they will love and cherish anything that they get.  My mom is pretty simple like myself.  She doesnt really ask for much.  Shes pretty silly last year she asked for a dvd player for christmas, and she got FIVE!  She didn’t realize that she had asked everyone lol.  Not to mention that when I asked her what she wanted this year she told me that she wanted a dvd player.  Since, she now has one hooked up to each tv in her house, she needs a new one because she dropped the one in her bedroom when she was moving her tv around….I REALLY hope she doesnt ask anyone else for one.  And for my dad and step-mom I have a real treat.  I’m not going to say yet what I got them, for my dad is my BIGGEST fan, and I’m sure that he’ll read this before christmas.  He pretty much looks at my website and blog everyday.  Nevertheless, I will be sure to update everyone how they react….they are for sure going to cry…..

If I don’t blog anytime before Christmas…..I wish everyone a very Happy Holidays!!  I love you all!  : )


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Ahoy Matey!

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Dave Hill Tutorial

•October 30, 2007 • 27 Comments

davehill12.jpgdavehill21.jpgdavehill31.jpgdavehill41.jpg                    How to make your images have a hint of Dave Hill, using Lightroom: 

  • take recovery to 100
  • take fill to 100
  • add a little black for some contrast
  • take contrast to 100
  • take clarity to 100
  • take vibrance to 100
  • bring down the saturation to where you almost lose all of your color.  NOT BLACK AND WHITE
  • go back and play with your exposure and blacks to make the image acceptable
  • add a lens vignette to the photo and now it should resemble the Dave Hill look.